2018-05-09 Benefit Dinner of Les Amis de la C.A.S.A. Foundation

2018-05-09 Benefit Dinner of Les Amis de la C.A.S.A. Foundation

It is with pleasure that we supported the organization of the Benefit Dinner offered by Les Amis de la C.A.S.A. Foundation.

Since 1987, when it was found, the organization is managing two service centers in Longueuil, on the South Shore of Montreal, La Casa and Le Relais, which are home to men in need who share a difficult life of failure and shortcomings, which generally come from dysfunctional families, and have accumulated a series of negative experiences characterized by abuse, neglect and conflicting relationships with authority. Many of them face a problem of dependence on alcohol. For the most of them, the organization represents the last stage of a long journey of incarceration, detoxification, home therapy, reintegration accommodation in the short and medium term.

This big fundraising evening, which welcomes nearly 400 people, particularly concerns the business community of the South Shore of Montreal and receives the collaboration of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the South Shore which has 1,900 members representing more than 800 manufacturing and exporting companies clustered in strategic sectors such as aerospace, clean energy, agrifood, transport and distribution.

Nancy Lussier, President of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry Canada-Cuba, was the honorary president of this evening, which was held under the theme of Cuba.

This theme once again showed the strong ties between Cuba and Canada, and in particular with the Province of Quebec, and managed to attract more than $ 82,000 in donations to the Foundation.

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