Bio Habana 2022

The Covid-19 Pandemic that we are experiencing has brought its share of challenges, but it has also brought many opportunities for the scientific community and the biopharmaceutical industry to address serious health problems based on multidisciplinary and inter-institutional approaches, with levels of integration unprecedented in the history of biomedical sciences.
The pandemic also blurred the boundary between infectious and chronic non-communicable diseases, highlighting common underlying phenomena such as chronic low-grade inflammation and immunosenescence. In the post-Covid19 phase, there will be a need to address the increasing burden of disease and mortality from chronic noncommunicable diseases, particularly cancer and neurodegenerative diseases.

At the level of the biological sciences, there have been many transformations and changes, including the convergence of the biological sciences with other life sciences, such as neuroscience, nanoscience, data science and engineering. All of this has led to a technological diversification of the Biotechnology, Pharmaceutical and Medical Technology sectors, which are now linked to what is known as Industry 4.0. This convergence will also have significant impacts outside of human health, including in food production, energy, and environmental protection, and taking advantage of these new opportunities will require changes in the way value chains and business models are managed.

Challenges related to human health, food, energy, and the environment, on a global scale, are becoming more and more frequent and it is far from obvious for one country to face them alone. It is then that the internationalization of scientific and commercial activity is increasing.
For this reason, BioCubaFarma, the Cuban Biotechnology, Pharmaceutical and Medical Technology industry group, is inviting the scientific and business community from all over the world to the BioHabana 2022 Congress.
This Congress will be an exercise in translating Life Sciences into Business Development, in a new global scientific, innovation management and health context. It will also allow for a broad discussion of the different experiences, and results of participants from various countries, leading to the creation of alliances for the improvement of public health.


VENUE: Havana Convention Palace, Cuba 

DATE: 25-29 April 2022 


  • Covid-19 Pandemic (April 26)
  • Medical Technology and Industry 4.0 (April 26)
  • Chronic inflammation, Cancer and Autoimmunity (April 27)
  • Agricultural Biotechnology (April 27)
  • Diseases of the brain (April 28)
  • Cancer immunotherapy (April 28)
  • Bioprocesses. Developability and Design Space (April 29)
  • Innovation in new business models for high-tech sectors (April 29)


April 25: Pre-meeting courses

April 26-29: Scientific and business sessions

Symposia with keynote lectures will be organized in the different themes, as well as workshops for the presentation of the works on posters and / or oral communications.   

Special sessions will be organized on:

  • Covid19 vaccines
  • BioCubaFarma Business Portfolio and Investment Portfolio
  • Exhibition Fair of the Biotechnology, Pharmaceutical and Medical Technology Industry
  • Spaces enabled for bilateral meetings  

There will be the possibility of virtual participation in the BioHabana 2022 Congress, with access to the abstracts of all the works, digital version of the posters, and online participation in the keynote lectures of the symposia.  



  • Before the deadline: 300 euros
  • Late registration (attendance only): 400 euros
  • Virtual participation (online): 200 euros

Accommodation and transportation of foreign participants will be attended by the Havanatur Tourism Agency. 


Two levels of sponsorship will be established with their corresponding rewards. 



  • DrC. Eduardo Martínez Díaz


  • DrC. Rolando Pérez Rodríguez 
  • DrC. David Curbelo Rodríguez
  • MSc. Ismary Nuñez Broño
  • MSc. Tomás de la C. Hernández Regincos 
  • MSc. Danneris Martínez Domínguez
  • DrC. Isis B. Yera Alos

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