Combustion Boiler Conference in Havana

Combustion Boiler Conference in Havana

As a direct consequence of the recently concluded Mission of the Industry sector carried out in November 2019, the Cuban counterparts have continued the exchanges with several participating companies, among them, the company CALDERAS COMBUSTION.

These exchanges led to the organization of this presentation held in the conference hall of the Cuban Chamber of Commerce on 20 January 2020. The conference was given by Mr. Michel Morin, from the company Calderas Combustion.

On the Cuban side, Mr. Yuri Viamontes, Vice-Minister of MINEM, Ms. Celia Labora and Ms. Arlenys Ponce, representing the Cuban Chamber of Commerce, presided over the event. Ms. Celia Labora made an introduction to the conference where she mentioned all the missions carried out by the CCICC in the years of work and announced the organization of the upcoming Agriculture Mission that will take place in the first half of 2020.

Representatives, managers and specialists from Cuban companies related to the energy sector also participated:

-Petroleum Research Institute
-Chemical Services Center of MINEM
-Central Office of the Electric Union
-Santa Cruz Thermoelectric Power Station
– Maquimport
– Fuel Marketing Company of Matanzas

On the Canadian side, Ms. Ada Luz Rodriguez and Mr. Francisco Rodriguez represented the Canadian Embassy in Cuba and
Ms. Johanne Desnoyers and Ms. Suzette Ferras represented the Quebec Office in Havana.

At the end of the event, Deputy Minister Yuri Viamontes urged the government of Quebec to support the realization of the project proposed by Calderas Combustion in alignment with what was expressed in the meeting held with Investment Quebec during the mission.

As a continuation of these actions, a visit to the Santa Cruz Thermal Power Plant was organized for them on January 21, 2020.

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