Cuban Commercial Mission in the Industrial Sector

In recent years, the Chamber of Commerce and Industry Canada Cuba, with the support of the Canadian Ministry of Global Affairs and the Quebec Ministry of Economy and Innovation, has organized trade missions to Canada for the Cuban energy, transport, tourism and finance sectors. These missions have demonstrated the interest of Quebec and Canadian companies in the Cuban market, the interest of Cuban companies in the Canadian market, and the business opportunities that have resulted in new contracts that contribute to the development of long-term bilateral trade.

We are organizing a new commercial mission with the support of the Canadian Ministry of Global Affairs, aimed at the Cuban industrial sector that we plan to carry out from November 24 to 30 of this year. As in previous missions, we hope to have the participation of high-level officials in a representative delegation of the sector that will be led by the Minister of Industries, Mr. Alfredo López Valdés.

Also, the Cuban delegation in the industrial sector, will be composed of senior officials of the MINDUS, MINEM, GESIME, MINCEX, MEP, and the Chamber of Commerce of the Republic of Cuba.

This mission will include business meetings, conferences and visits to industrial sector manufacturers in Canada. We will also organize a conference for Canadian entrepreneurs where the MEP will present the changes in the Cuban economy, focusing on the explanation of the companies operating through closed financing and the policy of “encadenamiento productivo”, as well as presentation by the MINDUS of concrete opportunities for imports, exports and investments in this sector, illustrating the application of the two concepts previously presented by the MEP.

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