Mano a Mano, artisans Without Borders !

Mano a Mano, artisans Without Borders !

The MANO a MANO project, a non-profit organization established in 2013, continues to give us good news and exceptional results in the relationship between Cuban and Canadian artisans.

This project is the culmination of several years of contact in order to unite in a creative and productive approach two cultures through artists and artisans wishing to radiate their respective culture and create a sincere and lasting relationship.

Thanks to the involvement of several Canadian donors and volunteers, the Mano a Mano workshops now have a van that is already widely used for all kinds of transport within the institution in the city of Matanzas. A stage was set up and the full sound system was furnished for the shows that take place every week.

In addition, a goldsmith’s workshop is added to the ceramic, glass, wood and sculpture workshops, all of which operate full-time.

The ateliers Mano a Mano operate beyond the expectations of the founders and collaborators with the layout of the coffee shop, the sales gallery and the stage that attract both children and young people.

Mano a Mano is one example, among others, that sustainable and complementary partnerships are a possible reality. All these efforts together provide an example of real cooperation between our two peoples.

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