2021-11-08 The link between Canada and Cuba is Beyond Tourism

2021-11-08 The link between Canada and Cuba is Beyond Tourism

Following the recent invitation to participate in the show “Boom and Bust” presented by the Honourable Tony Clement on the channel The News Forum, we decided to take this opportunity to answer some questions and concerns that one may have while doing business with Cuba.

The interview covered several themes including the link between our industries, the aspects of foreign direct investments, the difficulties and opportunities we can meet on this market.

We took this opportunity to talk about the new models and the evolutions of trade with Cuba, from the burgeoning of the private sector up to the benefit of trading with companies in esquema cerrado.

The main topic of this discussion was centered on the financing aspects of the trade with Cuba, and the concerns that we, as a chamber, share with several of our members concerning the usage of the annex called “Confirmation of Origin of Goods” by EDC and CCC.

As the tagline of this news channel suggest “All voices matter”, and we think it is important that we have a conversation about the rules and regulations that are asked of the canadian exporters.

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