2016-04-12 Cuba: Stay Ahead of the Competition

2016-04-12 Cuba: Stay Ahead of the Competition

The Board of Trade of Metropolitan Montreal invites you to participate to this event to assess your development strategy for this emerging Caribbean market with the help of their experts.


  • Identify business prospects for your company in Cuba
  • Assess your development strategy for the Cuban market
  • Hear entrepreneurs discuss their experience on the market
  • Meet potential partners and key stakeholders for your projects in Cuba
  • Evaluate the potential of this market for your company
  • Understand the challenges and issues for Quebec companies

Improving diplomatic relations between Cuba and the United States since the end of 2014, and the recent reopening of their respective embassies in July 2015, are likely to bring an unprecedented new dynamism to the Cuban economy in the near future, as well as in the longer term. Already, at the end of 2015, the country introduced new measures to facilitate its trade with the outside world, including advantageous changes to its tax laws.


All companies seeking to develop their business in Cuba or seeking to learn more about the market. This activity will be of particular interest to companies in the following sectors:

  • Biotechnology
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Renovation
  • Tourism
  • Hotel industry
  • Infrastructure
  • Transportation
  • Agri-food products
  • Oil and natural gas
  • Food
  • Machinery and equipment
  • Chemical products

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