Solidarity campaign Canada-Cuba

Solidarity campaign Canada-Cuba

The hurricane Irma was one of the biggest category 5 hurricane, and even though it touched land only in the northern part of Cuba, the entire territory was affected. The strong winds and torrential rains caused damages in numerous official buildings, infrastructures and habitations. Also, it’s effects caused great damages to the tourism, agricultural and energy sectors of Cuba.

This catastrophic event will be remembered as one of the biggest hurricane in the northern Atlantic, and as a disaster that claimed 10 human lives in Cuba.

Several of our members expressed their sadness and their will to help the reconstruction efforts. The Solidarity committee of the CCICC is therefore launching a solidarity campaign to collect donations.

We are in direct communication with the Ministry of International Trade and Foreign Investment (Ministerio del Comercio Exterior y la Inversión Extranjera) and we will coordinate with them the collect and shipment of the donations.

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We need your help to collect donations and in particular :

  • electric generators;
  • construction materials;
  • construction equipment;
  • mattress;
  • furniture;
  • electric appliances;
  • water tanks;
  • tarpaulins, metal tiles and other;

The needs are immense and any help is welcome.

We are already working with companies wishing to send equipment and several of our members are already in contact with the Cámara de comercio de Cuba, with the Ministry of Public Health of Cuba, with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Cuba.

Let us concentrate our efforts and provide help to our Cuban friends and neighbors, contact us:

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