2022-03-14 Habana Mañana : The private business sector opens in Cuba

2022-03-14 Habana Mañana  : The private business sector opens in Cuba

As part of the measures announced in the country’s post-Covid strategy, promoting the development of Cuba’s non-state sector is among the latest initiatives welcomed with great interest by the Cuban people.

In the last ten years, several regulatory mechanisms have been perfected to enhance private enterprise. The predominant idea of this process is: “A necessary economic element for the development of the country”. In this way, micro, small and medium-sized private enterprises (MSMEs) are making their way into Cuba’s current business landscape.

What does the current opening up to small and medium-sized private businesses represent for the Cuban economy? What are the challenges? How important could this crucial and transformative step in the Cuban economy be? What are the business opportunities between Cuban MSMEs and foreign entrepreneurs?

These and other questions will be answered and analysed during the event thath will be held either in person or vitually on Monday March 14, 2022.

Topic : Development of SMBs in Cuba: business opportunities

Date : Monday March 14, 2022

Time : 10:00 am to 12:00 pm

Location (in person in La Havana) : Avenida 41 No. 1417, e/ 14 y 18. Reparto Alturas de Miramar Municipio Playa Provincia de La Habana

If we have enough participants we will also retransmit the event online.

Languages : Mostly in Spanish, but discussions and exchanges can be made in French, English and Spanish with the speaker.

Speaker : Oniel Díaz Castellano, Cuban entrepreneur, co-founder of Consultora AUGE, an agency specialised in consulting and business management in Cuba

The presentation is available in full in the Member Zone

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